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As of 01.01.2012:
Full name: Public Joint-Stock Company "Novovolynsk Foundry".
Abbreviated company name: PJSC "N-VF".
The head of the enterprise - Chairman of the board Igor Valentinovich Chernyavsky;
Director - Aleksandr Sergeyevich Domansky;
Deputy Director for Production - Aleksandr Stepanovich Lebedyuk;
Deputy Director for Commerce -Aleksandr Nikolayevich Karasyuk;
Chief Metallurgist - Mikhail Terentyevich Levchuk;
Head of the Commercial Department - Rostislav Anatolyevich Bychkov.

Brief description of the enterprise:
The total area – 5.13 ha.
Area of foundry shop - 19,296 sq. m.
Area of pattern shop - 2,268 sq. m.
The area of office building - 1098 sq. m.
The number of employees (as of 01.09.2012): 661 people.
Specialization of foundry enterprise: ferrous and nonferrous casting for machine-building industry.


Range of use:

The structure of foundry:

Main foundry machinery:

Used casting method:

Weigh of castings (maximum)

Produced alloys:

Typical castings: axle box body, brake block holder, Front stop, Back stop, the body of draft gears PMK, coupler yoke, trolley wheel, plain bearing , pump body, brake block, bars, stop valve, spare parts for trucks and agricultural machinery (flywheels, hulls, rollers, sprockets, guide wheels, discs), church bells and others.

Pattern Production: patterns made of wood, metal and plastic.

Quality control: emission spectrum analysis of grade of steel and alloys, testing of mechanical properties, microstructure examination, non-destructive testing by magnetic particle method, inspection for hardness of castings, control of dimensional accuracy, control of pouring temperature, control of properties of mold and core materials.

Laboratories are certified by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine and by the Scientific and Production Centre of Standardization and Metrology.

Quality management system is certified according to DSTU (the National Standards of Ukraine) - ISO 9001:2009.

A certification of conformity of products was held in the Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport (Russia).

PJSC “Novovolynsk Foundry” has been assigned a conventional number of the plant 1353 by The Council for Rail Transport of CIS States for branding of casting while producing parts for the railway rolling stock.

A trade mark of the PJSC “Novovolynsk Foundry” - (NLZ) is registered by the State Register of certificates of Ukraine on trade marks for goods and services.