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Since ancient times the church bell proclaims our faith in the Lord. The church bell measured the flow of time, the days of work and rest, hours of joy and sorrow and announced about disaster and approaching enemy. Heroes were greeted by the bell ringing. Like prayer the bell give us an opportunity to reunite with the God...

In the 25 - year period of manufacturing bells, our plant became well-known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. There are no dioceses in Ukraine, where the sound of Novovolynsk bells would not been heard. Quality assurance, sonority of bells, fair price brought respect and honor to craftsmen of foundry. Policy of our company is aimed to keep the price of the bells lower than those offered by other manufacturers of bells. This is done to ensure that even small communities had the opportunity to purchase them and to proclaim our faith in the Lord from their bell towers.

At Novovolynsk Foundry is developed technology of producing church bells weighing from 0.5 to 8000 kg. Every year we produce 1000 - 1100 church bells and more than 27 000 our bells adorn the bell towers of churches in Ukraine and foreign countries. Bells of Novovolynsk Foundry were represented at various international exhibitions (in Russia, Poland, etc.). The best estimates of our work are numerous of orders of the Administration of the President of Ukraine, deputies of the Supreme Council and other honorable persons of our country. Our bells are ringing from the bell towers of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery and Holy Trinity Monastery in Kiev, in all Ukrainian regions, Belarus, Georgia, Poland, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, USA, Slovakia, Armenia, Moldova.

Our bells are made of bell metal (bronze) in according to the ancient formula by means of modern technologies, that's why they have a pure touching sounding. Our specialists provide that the bells are endowed by desires and the callings of soul of customers. For that reason we put icons of a saints and special ornaments, the words of appreciation and words of prayer, names of the benefactors on the bell’s surface. Also specialists of Novovolynsk Foundry can help You to select church bells according to their harmonious soundings.

Each stroke in the bell with the name of the benefactor will lift up to the Lord a prayer for his spiritual and corporal prosperity in the mortal life, and after his death - the eternal repose in the Heavens.

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